Wilhelm Tell Grounds
W5199 Hwy W
New Glarus, WI 53574

New Glarus is located in the rolling hills of Green County in south central Wisconsin, 25 miles south of Madison and 17 miles north of Monroe, on state highway 69. More information about New Glarus can be found on swisstown.com.

Driving Time to New Glarus:

  • From Chicago, IL, is about 3 hours
  • From Milwaukee, WI, about 2 hours
  • From Dubuque, IA, about 1 3/4 hours
  • From Madison, WI, about 30 minutes


Driving Directions from Madison to New Glarus:

  • Go south on Hwy 151
  • Hwy 151 goes right through Madison as Washington Avenue, Park Street, and what is known as the Beltline
  • Exit Hwy 151 to Hwy 69
  • Go south on Hwy 69 until you reach New Glarus
  • This route leads through Belleville where you need to turn right at the stop sign


Driving Directions from Downtown New Glarus to the Tell Grounds:

  • At the (only) stop light go north 2 blocks on Hwy 69
  • Turn east (right) on Hwy W
  • The Tell Grounds are located 1 mile east of New Glarus at W5199 Hwy W
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